Earlier @schuth linked to a 1992 interview with Wallace Stegner. The whole piece is great, but one particular exchange is prescient:

Q: Let’s move the discussion to politics. What about Ross Perot? In some ways, he fits into the portrait you have painted–a picture you say we are to avoid–of someone who sees the world in terms of opportunities for enterprise.

A: Yes, he scares me because of that entrepreneurial, competitive drive of his. If by any freakish chance he should be elected, I’d bet he would be impeached within two years. He seems the kind of person who is going to be an outrage to every democratic principle, because all of his principles are about business. I think he is a very shrewd manipulator, and he has enough of the populist feel to him to scare me even more. Many demagogues have a populist feel of that kind.

Joshua Beatty @joshuabeatty